Meet Chelsea, founder + creative director


I’m a “creative distiller”. 

I believe that learning how to master your craft and offer it as a contribution to those that will benefit from it most is one of the most admirable things you can do with your time on the planet.

When you take on the growth that comes from learning how to serve a market, how to establish trust and credibility and how to create sustainability, you improve the lives of others and, by extension, the future of our society.

I believe that when each of us invests the time and resources into ourselves to pursue our purpose and passion, the return on that investment is magnified. Your personal faith and esteem increase. You feel better about how you’re spending your time. You feel more fulfilled. It rubs off on those around you. Creativity flows, energy rises. It’s a win-win all around.

I’m here to help you create the structure in your business to attract more of the customers and grow a business that you love, steadily.

As I’ve grown from a freelancer (starting in 2006) to a solopreneur (2010) to growing a creative business (still going), much of what I’ve learned has been “from the streets.” It’s been from crashing and burning and picking myself up. From that, I’ve learned how to deliver results with integrity and work with people I adore.  

So I can take your idea, design it into something that looks awesome (that your audience will love, too), then communicate it forwards and backwards: forwards to your audience, backwards to the developers, SEO companies, social media managers and anyone else needed to execute the vision.

I grew up in the woods of West Virginia, lived in the Caribbean islands for a stretch, found my way to NYC and then returned back to the woods a few years ago. Diversity, range and understanding many different environments and strategies is second nature to me. My background and adventures help me to connect, listen and lead on many levels.

I’m dedicated to relating to you in such a way that you become clear on the answers (that you already have inside you) about how to grow your business with authenticity and integrity. I’m also committed to helping you build a system that allows you to be inspired when you want, supported when you need and rewarded abundantly when you deliver.


I have a BFA degree in graphic design, and taught myself front-end development for a few years (just enough to be dangerous).

What that means is: I design to work with you, the client, on the front-end, then I can communicate it to a development team on the backend to build results that are beautiful as well as effective.

Starting in 2005 as a freelance web designer/front-end developer, I shifted gears to focus on digital marketing in 2008.

I launched Tech Diva Media in 2010, a design studio that connects good design with digital marketing and brand strategy.

I also worked as a consultant and coach for digital marketing company owned by my mentor, Eben Pagan, for 4 years.

In that role, I was responsible for guiding the successful implementation of digital marketing strategies and the technical requirements behind them. I saw first-hand what made digital marketing successful, how to connect with audiences and what obstacles to avoid.

With a strong background in design, copywriting and marketing, I work with you to distill your idea into a tangible result, creating something extraordinary that can be seen by the world. I help you to craft the message, the branding and the aesthetic for your company or product so that your offerings connect with the audience that will benefit from them the most. Chat?


Click here to listen to my podcast interview on The Truth About Marketing with Kevin Rogers. We cover a ton including:

– My work process for building websites that sell millions
– Favorite books and blogs
– The most valuable real estate on every website
– How I combined an art degree with her love of data
– Common website mistakes that every business needs to avoid
– Why certain contestants always get slaughtered on Shark Tank
… and much more.

What’s the one thing I’ve done that’s produced the most surprising result?

My answer is a surprise two-parter. I also explain how my strategy keeps getting new clients, why everybody is secretly a voyeur, and how marketers should use this to their advantage.

Check out my answer at 24:15.

“What I had in my head I couldn’t really put my finger on. But once we discussed, you came back with a fantastic solution!” – M. O’Grady

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