Approach Your Customer Like a First Date (If You Want to Score)

Dating and marketing…how similar they are. Would you walk right up to a cute stranger and ask them to go out with you immediately? You might, but your chances of scoring are likely low (and [...]

Book Notes: Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert

Amazon page for full details and reviews ISBN: 1400077427 Overview What truly makes us “happy”, and why are we humans so bad at guessing at it? Daniel Gilbert takes a dive into our [...]

8 Ways Digital Marketing Is Like Dating

Humans first build friendships and intimate relationships in a predictable sequence of steps. The steps build trust. With your customer, these steps encourage buying. These days we can create [...]

Copy Chief Interview with Kevin Rogers on The Truth About Marketing Podcast: High Converting Landing Pages

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How To Use Consistency In Your UX and Web Design To Build Trust With Your Customer

In this video, I discuss how having consistency in your design used in your marketing (online and offline) creates “integrity” and builds trust in your prospective customer. We look [...]