Brand Strategy
& Marketing

that works for you

Let’s clarify your company’s value and position in the marketplace with branding that will serve you for years to come, and inform the design to go with it.



How do you stand apart? What is your unique offer, methodology, ingredient or approach? Do you compete on delivery, price, offer or something else? Establishing this is vital for your sales and marketing, and paves the way for growth.

Customer Profiles

Your customer profile is a persona created to represent the person that engages with your brand. Customer profiles are useful tools because it allows us to explore the diverse nature of your audience—both who you’re attracting now and who you want in the future. The profiles we develop are great marketing tools that can be used well beyond this project.

Brand Stylescape + Styleguide

Consistency in design and voice is a vital aspect of branding because it builds trust and familiarity with your audience. We will work with you to create a ‘stylescape’ to hone in on the colors, typefaces and imagery of your brand based on what your customer is familiar with. We can also createa a style guide that will give you and your team a trusted resource for brand communication now and in the future.

Competitive Audit

We will research and compare key factors of your competitors in order to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in messaging, services, unique sellling points, web presence, and more.


Ideally, your business name, tagline, and product names need to communicate your values, story, and brand personality while retaining versatility. They need to differentiate and promote what is unique and valuable about your organization. We believe in a practical approach to naming; the best names often come from the brand positioning and its values.


Business cards, envelopes, signage, menus, brochures, tradeshow booths, car/truck graphics, websites . . . We can help you with all of it as we develop your marketing. Once your identity is established, we can help you bring your new or updated brand to the world.

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