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The Latest Design + Digital Marketing Case Studies

Are you a small company?

Tech Diva Media brought its marketing analysis and development services to help Your College Concierge rapidly enter the digital era.


Are you an entrepreneur?

Dr. Dan Engle went from no website to launching 3 new sites, marketing a best-selling book, having an online curriculum and thriving professional network in 12 months.


Is your site dated?

Speaker and entrepreneur Doug Hanson went from a 10-year old site to a full brand update generating fresh leads and speaking gigs within a month of launching.


Here’s an Original…

The original creator of the Halo handpan, Pantheon Steel came to us with a dated website and desire to update as the company expanded. We redesigned and built the site, including adding a rad new “virtual Halo player” for people to select among sound models and make melodies from their phone or computer.


The Updated Website


The Virtual Player


Here’s an Original…

The nonprofit, I Look Like A Civil Engineer, launched a site to give a virtual home to their offline awareness efforts. We started working together  by creating an app, and the synergy evolved into a redesign of their original site.


The Web-Based App


The Updated Website


Here’s an Original…

Annie hadn’t updated her site in years. She had since been on TV shows, published in Huffington Post, led seminars and spoken onstage numerous times. Her site didn’t showcase her credibility, which is what she wanted to use it for.


Redesign, Version A

Unsure of the best approach to engage Annie’s target audience while still displaying her flair and style, we created two versions to split test over time.


Redesign, Version B

Also not knowing yet if most visitors to the site would be coming from desktops or mobile devices, we wanted to build a design to adapt fluently across both.


Here’s an Original…

A “traditional” brick-and-mortar consulting business, College Funding Specialists started with a dated website as a service provider.


Within 11 months, together we re-designed their brand, built an online “academy”, created digital courses, established an affiliate program and published 2 Kindle books.


This project showcases how you can start with something (i.e. a plan to update a website) that evolves into something that is grander than you could’ve imagined at the beginning.


College Funding Specialists knew they wanted to grow their locally-based business, but didn’t know how to maintain the personal feel their clients loved while expanding their reach nationwide. By combining high-touch consulting with digital courses, eBooks, live online trainings and virtual workshops, they achieved what they were aiming for.

The Multi-Level Overhaul


In 2 months, with our marketing strategy, Mike’s podcast became the 14th most popular podcast in “Society & Culture” and ranked 104 for ALL podcasts in the USA iTunes store.

Mike launched his podcast after we designed a marketing strategy to promote across multiple channels. The intention was to orchestrate downloads and comments from listeners in iTunes to rank in his category in the first 90 days.


In less than 60 days, we’d reached the goal.


Both Experienced a 30% Conversion Improvement in the First 2 Weeks

These two examples show the starting point and how we redesigned their website design, copy and call to action to generate an increase in conversions of over 30% in the first 2 weeks for both.


There’s more.

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