Digital Strategy Consulting

develop a winning digital strategy

Businesses are operating in a climate of uncertainty, thanks to changing customer demands, new competition, and evolving technology. Clarify where your brand fits in the marketplace, understand your options and design for the future.

I can help you…

•     create & validate new ideas

•     be more customer centric

•     explore options to expand your business with digital offerings

•     improve efficiency with lean practices

•     build capability & confidence

What I do

• Digital roadmap development incorporating your defined business objectives
• Digital roadmap review and recommendations
• Assessment of digital initiatives against complexity, cost, and risk
• Situational and competitor analysis and benchmarking
• Digital product research & development
• Digital marketing strategy development based on your target customer

Why me?

•    I have over a decade of experience coaching and advising entrepreneurs, service providers and small business owners across publishing, consulting, software, healthcare and more with digital marketing

•    My technical experience enables me to appraise your options and offer input on the systems that will help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively

•    I collaborate with you to create a strategy that grows and adapts with your business instead of a rigid plan

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