Copywriting & Editing

words that engage and increase conversion

Do you feel like you’re “too close” to your company or your offerings to be able to describe it clearly and succinctly? Is your product complex and you need to educate your audience without losing their attention? I can help.



Copy for your website or landing pages, email campaigns, social media profiles or brochures…you need clear, engaging messaging to position and sell your offerings. Concise but fascinating, enrolling and educating–great copy can sell from the page or screen. But it’s a science and an art to write compelling copy.

I understand the struggle to write about your own services or products. Sometimes being so close to it, it’s hard to talk about it directly. That’s what I’m here for: to take what you share with me and turn it into a message that connects with your audience.

Content Editing

Do you have copy already drafted or in use, but you know it needs work? An objective, experienced eye can take it from “good” to “effective.”

I can review what you have and re-organize, add or edit to sculpt a message that connects with the minds and the hearts of the people you want to speak to.


All copywriting services are included as part of design projects and quoted as a flat rate with several payment options. 

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