Beautiful Designs

created to go to work for you

With over 15 years designing for print and web, my small team and I have the expertise and the passion for making your project a resounding success.


Easy For You

I design websites with the front-end (your customer) and back-end (your developers, social media managers, customer service team, etc.) in mind. My experience and knowledgebase have built my communication skills so that you and I can work together easily, and then create your vision without you getting overwhelmed in the technical details.

Content Strategy

Writing for marketing is more than just a grammatical skill. It requires a strategy. It requires positioning so you stand out among everything else competing for your customer’s attention. It involves conversion optimization and an intimate understanding of conventions and best practices.

Trackable, Results-Oriented Focus

If you’re hiring Tech Diva Media for a beautiful design and a resulting website, app, eBook, online course or other digital product, then it’s key to know if it’s working for you. We’re interested in working long-term to find what works, letting the conversion numbers inform how to optimize your design.

Website, App + UX/UI Design

I’ll get to know you and your market, then design a website, app or similar digital product to help you connect with them. Planning, mapping and designing a website vs. an app requires an understanding of the platforms, certainly, but also an understanding of your audience and how to reach them.

Branding & Print Design

Creating a fresh design that enhances your business can include many components, from leave-behinds to labels to brochures to apps. What results do you want from investing in your business right now? Would designing custom labels for gourmet chocolates to be delivered to your best clients be a nice gesture? Or maybe it’s having special die-cut cards to take to an event as soon as you launch your new website. Let’s brainstorm what investment would offer you the greatest returns.

Experienced Team

My team and I have “grown up” with the web. We each started back in the “early days” of HTML and PHP websites, and then evolved from there. I’ve been working in the online marketing circles since 2008, and I love learning new things. So you’ll have someone that’s keen to what’s worked, what still works and what is just trendy but useless.

Copywriting Support

We will ensure that your copy is clear, scannable, user-friendly, and always actionable. Writing about your own products or services or background story can be very challenging. I’ll help you tell your story in a way that builds trust and likeability with your audience, which will improve your bottom line.

Road Mapping + Wireframing

This is the secret ingredient behind the scenes that gives power and effectiveness to your project. Road mapping and wireframing helps you and us both understand where you’re going (and why), how long it will take, how much investment you should expect to make and what risks you might face along the way. After our Discovery Phase, you’ll have a clear path that will help you solve the challenges your company faces as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Product Design

Need labels for a new line of oil blends for your restaurant? Or maybe you could create a digital product, like a new course, to become a front-end offer to lead people to your consulting services. Or perhaps you want to create a year-long mastermind for craft brewers to teach what you’ve learned along the way. With your experience thus far and ideas for growth—plus the explosion of digital products—the sky is the limit.


All design projects (collateral, labels, websites, app design, etc.) are quoted as a flat rate with several payment options. Below are general web design packages to give you an idea before requesting a quote.

Quick and Done:
“Do It In A Day”

This is a faster, “lighter” version that gets you going with a site and business cards so you’re off and running. You provide general content to get going and you can tweak later. I design and set up the site in a day! The goal is to get something up that’s good enough to launch, and I’ll show you how to edit copy and make minor changes in the future. This is for a website with homepage + 3-5 interior pages.

This option is ideal for a company that is launching a new marketing campaign, product or new business and wants a simple website launched as quickly as possible.

• Brand questionnaire
• Consultation: review questionnaire, outline architecture of new site (i.e. the navigation) and general idea of content needed
• New homepage design “sketches” x 2 to get a general idea of the layout + color scheme + typography style you prefer (up to 3 revisions to dial it in)
• Website hosting set up (for WordPress or on SquareSpace)
• Consultation: review content and design, collect all assets needed for Design Day
• Design Day: we pick a date and I design and build it that day! We both plan so that you’re available to check in as needed.
• Follow Up Consultation: a week following, we’ll meet to tie up any loose ends that didn’t get covered on Design Day and make sure you’re set to make basic edits.

Positioned & Ready:
Your Springboard for Growth

This option is for you if you are wanting to establish your online presence with a full site and want help with the market positioning, the branding and creating content.

• Brand Discovery Questionnaire & Review
• Consultation Calls as needed for clarifying purpose, positioning, audience and goals
• Target Customer Profile
• Competitive Audit
• Visual Design Directions (2 Homepage Options & up to 4 Revisions)
• Website Design for additional pages
• Website Design Implementation for a responsive website
• Copywriting support + editing
• Lead Generation Strategy Consultation: where to find your deal prospect, how to attract them to learn more, how to nurture them from a lead into a client
• Comprehensive Style Sheet
• One piece of collateral to compliment the brand (e.g. business cards, brochures, social media banners, etc.)

Comprehensive Collaboration:
From Start to Launch

This option is for those wanting a larger, complete website with custom functionality and plug-ins. The sky is the limit, as I have trusted, reliable developers that can accommodate a wide range of custom requests and project scale.

• Brand Discovery Questionnaire & Review Consultation Calls as needed for clarifying purpose, positioning, audience and goals
• Target Customer Profile
• Competitive Audit
• Market Positioning Recommendations to distinguish you from competitors 

• Visual Design Options (2 Homepage Options & up to 3 Revisions)
• Website Design for additional pages
• Website Design Implementation for a responsive website
• Brand questionnaire
• Consultation: review questionnaire, outline architecture of new site (i.e. the navigation) and general idea of content needed
• New homepage design “sketches” x 2 to get a general idea of the layout + color scheme + typography style you prefer (up to 3 revisions to dial it in)
•  hosting set up (for WordPress or on SquareSpace)
• review design and outline/draft content
• Content writing + editing
• Content formatting into site pages
• Vector logo files for web + pr
•  Social media banners
•  Style guide provided for future reference for branded materials
•  Follow Up Consultation: make sure you’re set to make basic edits; ideas/support for creating content for lead funnels, e.g. YouTube video series, downloadable guides, social media content;
Project check-ins as needed
• Email Marketing integration
• Comprehensive Style Sheet
• Custom design and development if needed

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