Is your customer wanting to stand out or blend in?

Are you offering a product or service to someone that wants to be distinctive—to have the premium offer or the platinum service?

Or are you offering a product or service to someone that wants to fit in, to be part of the social group they admire or feel comfortable with?

The answer to this question determines how you talk about what you’re offering. You’re either:

  1. Illuminating how your product will improve their status, or give them an above-average experience.
  2.  Ensuring how your product will make them fit in or join the party they want to be part of.

If you aren’t sure what your customer wants, you’re likely to blend in with every other media message competing for attention. Your message will be general and non-specific. Worse, your message will be about YOU and not about THEM.

Imagine what your customer thinks will happen if they invest in your product or service. Think about your existing customers and what they appreciate about what you offer. Are they standing out or are they blending in?

Either way, it’s an important distinction that will help YOU stand out to your next customer—or be lost to your competitor that understands them better than you do.