How easy is it to leverage your knowledge and expand your business offerings by creating an online course for your audience?

For example:

1. You could create a series of video lessons (they don’t need to be super long, just super content) explaining some common misunderstandings about your industry sector, or common mistakes customers can avoid.

2. You could make a series of videos with each answering a common FAQ—and cut down on time wasted answering this repeatedly for new clients.

3. You could make a “beginner” course as a front-end offer, to help deter people that aren’t serious in investing in your product or service.

4. You could create an online curriculum for training new staff members.

5. You could offer it as a “bonus” for people that purchase your product or service.

This month I’m helping a music teacher leverage his time by creating beginner courses and an online community. With the tools available online today, it’s easier than ever to incorporate this to boost your credibility and value to those you serve.

For example, you can use platforms like Teachable or Thinkific to upload videos, documents and resources for your future students. It’s FREE to set up. (You pay a % of sales instead of a monthly payment for the basic plan.) They offer tracking and analytics, plus a user-friendly interface for people to go through your content.

By having an online course(s), you can leverage your time as well as enhance the value of your existing offers by making the course a “baby step” towards the larger investment.

The key is knowing how to break down your knowledge into bite-size, teachable chunks. This is often the hardest part for people: being able to teach. It’s one thing to know how to do something, and quite another to know how to teach it effectively. If you can explain it to a 10-year old, that’s a great barometer to gauge if you can make a clear, succinct course out of your information.

I’ve worked with several clients in the past 3 years, from consultants to small businesses, to turn their knowledge into digital products. I worked with Eben Pagan for 4+ years coaching people on how to do this. It takes some patience to map out your curriculum and then record yourself teaching…but the end result generally makes it worth the investment of time up front.