Maybe you’ve never hired a professional web or graphic designer before, or maybe you did and had a less-than-ideal experience. With your business perception and positioning at stake, you might be ready to hire someone new to help you.

The first things you might wonder are:
– where do you look to find someone good?
– what should you do to prepare?
– how long will it take?
– how much does something like this cost?

This video will answer these questions, or guide you on how to find those answers.

How do you know when you’re ready to hire a designer, though?

The best indicator is when you’re not 100% happy with your visual brand. This may be because:

• When you started awhile back, you didn’t have great design skills nor a budget, but you did well enough with something as a “placeholder.” You were going to update it, but never got around to it. Now your business needs a pro touch.

• You can afford to hire help with this, and you’re ready to hand it over to a pro that can collaborate with you but also guide the project.

• You didn’t really put much into creating your branding at first, and now that your business has grown, you know that tightening up the look and feel of everything will make you more competitive in your industry and set a new tone in your company.

• You’ve grown and changed and your current brand doesn’t showcase what your company offers now. It’s time for an update, and makes sense to hire a pro to help.

Watch now to get answers to:

What steps should you take before you hire a designer?
Where do you look for a designer?
How should you decide whom to work with when you have found a few options?