How To Make Tweetable Links In Your Blog

How To Make Tweetable Links In Your Blog

You may have noticed when reading articles on a blog that there are options to “tweet” specific lines of text on Twitter just by clicking a button. This is called a “tweetable link.”

A tweet able link is when you provide a way for people to click a link that will open up a new window for the person to post that link as a Twitter status update. The content is already provided for the, so all they need to do is click “Tweet” (or they can edit if they want to).

For example, you might see something like this in an article:

Studies show mobile friendly sites can improve customer engagement up to 85%. <Tweet This Statistic>

Why Make Tweetable Links?

If you’re posting quality content, people are often going to be compelled to share it. This is EXACTLY what you want, if you want to get your information or message out to be found by more people. Normally, you might see “share” buttons at the bottom or side of articles to share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or LinkedIn. However, people that use social media regularly might be more interested in sharing something specific from an article – not the whole article.

By providing a tweet able link, you’re making it easy for them to share a specific piece of content. Making your content easy to share is key to any content marketing strategy, which is part of an overall plan to drive traffic to your website.

What Do I Make Tweetable?

You can make anything tweet able, but you want to think about it from your reader’s perspective. What would make them look good if they tweeted it? Perhaps it’s a shocking statistic, a profound statement, a neat quote, specific facts or important points from your article.

You can pick one thing or 3-4 different things to make tweetable in your entire article. Too many things becomes distracting and overwhelming.

Here’s How To Make a Tweetable Link In Your Blog

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for making a tweetable link in your blog:

    1.    Highlight the text within your article that you want to tweet and select “Copy” (CTRL-C). Tweets are limited to 140 character (including your shortened link) so your text can only be around 120-125 characters.

    2.    Use a service like Click To Tweet to convert your tweet into a shortened URL. Go to Click To Tweet and “Paste” (CTRL-V) your text into the tweet content box. Do not click Generate Link! yet.

   3.    You need to include a link back to your own website and article, but you need to shorten the link so that it doesn’t take up all of your available characters. You can use any shortening link service you wish. There’s one built in with services like HootSuite. There’s also other services like that will shorten your URL for you.

 4.    You may want to edit your tweeted text to include some hashtags or perhaps your Twitter handle like, “via @techdivamedia

 5.    Click on Generate Link! and copy the custom URL you’re provided.

6.    Go back to your article and type in some text after your quote for your link, like, “Tweet This Statistic.”

7.    Highlight your new link text and make it a hyperlink using your formatting toolbar.

8.    When finished, you should have something like this:
Learn how to create your own tweetable links! <Tweet this!>

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