You can hire a designer to create a nice-looking site, but is there anything you can do before that to make your website WORKS with your ideal audience? YES!

In this video I walk you through the initial stages of my project process when I work on a new design. I start with creating “stylescapes”—a collage of design elements (images, colors, brand labels, products) that the target customer is familiar with. This helps both my client and I see who we’re designing for. It also influences color, typeface and image choices when I get to the design mockups.

Next, I create a wireframe or user flow map so we can see the hierarchy of information presented on the new site. This clarifies the lead generation funnel and how to get a website visitor from landing on your site to contacting you or making a purchase.

After these two steps, then I move to the design phase and create homepage mockups. By this point, I know who we’re designing for and have a better idea of what might resonate with them.

This process has helped me repeatedly create successful websites my clients love. Please let me know what YOUR process is like in the comments below!

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