If you have a brand design that includes a logo, website and collateral that looks pretty good and you think should be bringing in new prospects or business, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much…you might wonder what’s wrong. If you look at your website, you might wonder if you should change some images, or the layout, or add different information…but if you’re not really sure what’s wrong, then how do you know where to start making changes?

If you think things look okay (and people are seeing your information) but it’s not doing much for your business, this video suggests another approach you can try. It’s not another “tactic” or new feature–it’s something less obvious, but more powerful: the tone and personality of your brand.



Why is the tone or “personality” of your brand important? Because it’s what gives it LIFE! It’s what adds character and distinction. It creates the opportunity for people to like your company, because you have a style that resonates with them.

This is why getting a nice-looking template to build your website only goes so far when it comes to converting leads into customers. A template, by it’s nature, is a tool that can be used to produce a result quickly. You need a website, you search for a cool template, you plug it in and Voilà! You have a website.

But a thousand other people can do the same thing, so your site can look like Joe Accountant’s website and John Mechanic’s website and Mary Bakery’s website. The chances of someone remembering you from all the other sites they see that look similar are very slim.

Even if your site doesn’t look “great” but it OWNS that particular style of not looking great–it’s going to stand out in people’s minds. It will resonate with the audience and STILL work better than a website that looks a lot like every other site you see. (Think of Craigslist.org or Wikipedia.org, for example.)

Tone and personality create likeability with an audience. Likeability builds rapport. Rapport generates leads.


To offer some examples, I’ve gathered some of my favorite sites with style and personality to show you ideas.


Mailchimp knows how to have a playful, approachable tone to welcome people new to email marketing


Method cleaning products convey a tone that looks fun, fresh and hip


Love coach Annie Lalla’s bold, feminine aesthetic shine through to compliment her coaching philosophies


Dr. Dan Engle’s focus on brain injuries, holistic healing and a simplified wellness approach come through in his website style


Aubrey Marcus uses illustration and bold colors to convey his tone and attract his particular audience


Hermès uses typography, specific wording, white space and imagery to carry the tone of the brand through all aspects of their presentation