This is a guest post contribution from Daniel Clark, is a Software Developer, Digital Marketing Analyst and also a Technical Blogger.

As 2016 gets under way, it’s time for the management of all business organizations to sit down and chart new sales targets and profit goals for the year. But before getting to deep into that, it is very essential for the management of the business organizations to go through the business ‘happenings’ of 2015 so that they can get a clear picture of where they were right and what went wrong, and thereby make plans for 2016.

The foremost aspect that the management of any business organization needs to look at is the aspect of Marketing, or to be precise, Online Marketing. The management needs to review in detail the marketing figures of this year because only then will they be able to create their best and targeted online marketing strategy for the coming year.

So if you are looking for the top social data statistics of 2015 which you can use for your targeted marketing in the 2016, then here it is in detail. Read On…


Social Media Marketing:

About 80% of social media marketing companies or agencies in the world spent more on social media-based marketing this year as compared to year 2014.

The total number of new users on Instagram grew by about 50% in 2015.

40% of marketers worldwide generated leads from Twitter.

59% of Twitter users visited B2B brand websites.

95% of B2B marketers used the social media platform of LinkedIn to share industry-specific content.

68% of business organizations had a dedicated Social Media Team.


Email Marketing:

49% of marketers incorporated email marketing in their marketing strategy for the year 2015.

45% of people opened their email accounts on mobile devices.

Emails containing less content had the highest open and click rates.
Emails sent during night hours had the highest open rates.

Gmail was the most popular and the most used web mail client.

The Emails which contained more hyperlinks saw higher click rates.


Content Marketing:

23% of Companies had an Executive in their organization who was directly and solely responsible for the content marketing strategy of that organization.

43% of marketers produced fresh content regularly.

39% of marketers or online marketing company/agencies had a fixed and documented content marketing strategy.

The use of offline content such as Flyers, Brochures and Billboards by marketers for content marketing decreased by about 29%.

40% of marketers worldwide depended on referral marketing .

30% of marketers found producing fresh content difficult.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Google made about 85 small and big changes in their search algorithm in just 3 years – 2011 to 2015.

65% of web traffic came from Organic Search.

Relevancy became one of the most important SEO factors as far as ranking on search engines is concerned.

70% of Companies integrated their SEO and Content Strategies.

55% of marketers came to believe that regular, relevant and fresh content creation is the most effective Search Engine Optimization tactic.

92% of marketers the world over adopted Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Mobile Marketing:

People spent on an average 120 minutes daily on their mobile devices.

58% users rejected a poorly designed mobile site.

85% of internet users were smartphone owners.

More than 60% of smartphone users grabbed their smartphone device first thing in the morning after waking up.

About 25% Companies optimized their email design and thereby created a mobile responsive email template.

Mobile smartphone devices produced the highest “Add to Cart” rates as compared to desktop devices.


Web Design:

65% of market share was dominated by WordPress.

73% of web users left a website immediately because of poor web design.

48% of people waited for just 3 seconds for a web page to load before turning away.

Among the top 50 sites, only 22% sites used responsive web design.

47% of people claimed that web-navigation was difficult on mobile devices as compared to desktop devices.

73% of business organizations switched to a responsive design for their website.


Hence, if you are an entrepreneur or part of the management of any business organization, then take into account the above online marketing statistical highlights of the year 2015, and with the help of the stats, create the perfect targeted online marketing strategy for your organization and thus be a winner in the 2016!!

Author Bio:

Daniel Clark is a Software Developer, Digital Marketing Analyst and also a Technical Blogger. He is working with a leading Social Media Marketing Company in Brisbane since the last few years. He regularly shares articles about Digital Marketing and its importance in today’s world.