Design your brand to connect with the right people, in the right way, at the right time.


“It’s a delight to work with someone that ‘gets’ it, someone who can see and execute my vision better than I expected.” – Norma Stratton

Hi! I’m Chelsea  |  Designer + Launch Strategist + Marketing Coach

I’m a designer, launch strategist and digital marketing coach who empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to reach the people they want to work with.

Here are 3 ways I can help you:

1. If you’re launching a new business and need branding that’s impressive to investors and irresistable to customers. I’m a “creative distiller”: a designer and marketer that understands web + app development, so your idea can be captured, translated and shared to your ideal audience effectively.

2. Your organization has been successful for many years and your corporate identity no longer reflects the company you’ve become or where you want to go. You’ve got great things to share; I can help you figure out how to share it in fresh ways with those that will benefit from it most.

3. You see other companies with great branding and design and you’d like the same. You want yours to be just as attractive, or even more so.

4. You’ve tried working with other designers, but it was pretty challenging to arrive at useful results or collaborate in a way you felt good about.

5. You know marketing and design are important for your business, but the thought of “marketing” kinda makes you roll your eyes. I get it. I can still help. 🙂


“Chelsea makes it easy to extract my ideas and design them into reality for me.” – Annie Lalla


“Ever so often you come across a rockstar with integrity and vision to work with. Chelsea is that person.” – Carlos Reynaldo

Imagine boldly. Create elegantly.

Tech Diva Media is my boutique design studio where I work with clients to coach their ideas into a clear vision, and find a way to offer that to their ideal customer. I help discover the unique market position and then design something that can make a positive impact. I have a BFA degree in graphic design, and taught myself front-end development and basic programming (just enough to be dangerous).

What that means is: I design to work with you, the client, on the front-end, then I can work with a development team on the backend to build results that are beautiful as well as effective.


“First a website, then an online academy with courses, then a mobile app…our work together continues to evolve.” – Peter Ratzan


“Chelsea helped me to see how I could turn my service into something completely new to reach a broader audience.” – Andrea (Andi) Falcone

Design for your customers

We live in a world where you can take your idea and get something launched quickly.

But to reach your customer, the design requires careful consideration of who this “ideal person” is, what their needs and wants are, and how your offerings compare to what else is available to them.

If you want to invest in getting results for your business, you need to work with someone that understands how to study your market, how to craft your messaging and aesthetic for it and how to strategize for long-term results.


“How do you manage to take my spurts of thoughts and wrap them into something organized and beautiful? It’s awesome!” – Dr. Dan Engle

Meet Chelsea.

I’m someone that has one foot standing in your heart and vision and the other foot in the desires of your customer.  With those two perspectives, I can design and create a connection between them.