Learn, teach. Rinse & repeat.

You're paid to consult, coach clients, or create solutions for your customers in one way or another.

Tech Diva Media is a training center for you. It’s a “portal” to provide the resources you need to grow a business that fulfills and sustains you from wherever you are, regardless of economic trends.  

51% of all consultants say no amount of money would get them to take a traditional job.

But finding work and, correspondingly, income stability are the top stressors for self-employed professionals.

1 in 5 self employed households suffer from stress, mainly around money worries.

People have cited that financial worries are one of the biggest barriers that stops them from making the leap into the world of self employment in the first place.

Statistics from Business Matters Magazine report and the findings of ‘Self-employment and the Family’ show. 

This is a place where you can...

Learn how to get more clients online

Have more fun marketing yourself

Create more freedom in your career

I’ve been designing, building and consulting with professionals for over a decade. My specialty? I help:

  • make the "tech stuff" less daunting
  • generate ideas for making your online marketing more exciting
  • show you ways to leverage your time & raise your bottom line

This is my place to play, my passion project, to help answer some of those “basic” questions you might feel silly asking. Thanks for checking it out!

My professional site for design, development and marketing strategy is DigitalReinvention.io.