With over 18 years experience in design and web development, Chelsea marries the joy of fostering big dreams with the granular details of building the structure behind the vision.

With over 18 years experience in design and web development, Chelsea marries the joy of fostering big dreams with the granular details of building the structure behind the vision.

Hello, and thank you for coming this far to read more about my background!

My formal study of art with a concentration in graphic design set my trajectory as a creative professional, but it wasn’t long after getting my degree that I began working as an assistant for a venture capitalist while living on a remote Caribbean island, St. John, in the US Virgin Islands. I spent my days learning about the stock market and helping my boss with his general tech support issues. I began teaching myself basic website programming for fun. I found as much pleasure in code and logic as I did design and illustration.

During my evenings and weekends, I talked my way into a job as an apprentice for a computer repair technician. Building websites, fixing computers and studying to be a stock broker became my way of life on St. John for years.

My side business freelancing as a web designer and developer started to consume the majority of my time. Living on a small island, word spread and I stayed busy enough. It wasn’t long before I stumbled into digital marketing.

As I started going to conferences about digital marketing, I realized most of the people there needed websites…so I stayed busy. The more I learned, the bigger my projects grew, the busier I became.

In 2010, I decided to make it a thing, and Tech Diva Media came alive. By 2012, I expanded with 3 team members: Harish, Girish and Priti.

The world of digital marketing exposed me to new channels for building systems, for everything from team building to lead funnels to SEO to designing custom applications for unique client needs.

As we grew, I also worked as a “tech coach” and consultant for one of my mentors, Eben Pagan, and had the opportunity to consult with hundreds of entrepreneurs in dozens of niches. This brought me out from “behind the screen” to teaching and building relationships I’m blessed with to this day.

While the digital tools and applications are constantly changing, many principles remain the same. Designing systems, processes or websites that generate real-world results fuels my drive to always be learning. I’m inspired by the synergy of my great team, and working with people and companies who have big goals and are making the world better, day by day, doing the thing they love to do.


Harish Save


Girish Bhutiya


Priti Bhutiya


“Ever so often you come across a rockstar with integrity and vision to work with. Chelsea is that person.” – Carlos Reynaldo, Mortgage Lender, Business Consultant

“It’s a delight to work with someone that ‘gets’ it, someone who can see and execute my vision better than I expected.” – Norma Stratton, Long & Foster

“First a website, then an online academy with courses, then a mobile app…our work together continues to evolve.” – Peter Ratzan,  Your College Concierge

“Chelsea makes it easy to extract my ideas and design them into reality for me.” – Annie Lalla, Love Coach, Virtual Coach Trainer  

“How do you manage to take my spurts of thoughts and wrap them into something organized and beautiful? It’s awesome!” –Dan Engle, MD, Psychiatrist in Regenerative Neurology, Psychedelic Researcher, Peak Performance Coach

“I realize that I always call you when I am most inspired, because I know you know how to implement my ideas!” – Michael Costuros, Awake Forward