What We Do

How do you make the most of the digital tools available  for your business and marketing when that’s not your area of expertise?

𝘽y figuring out the first, most lucrative step and taking action.

We work with busy consultants, execs and service based business owners who know that they need to improve their web presence, but don’t have time to do it all themselves.

There are usually two kinds of clients we work with.

One type of client is more focused on design: they’re looking to revamp their old website, or create a new one, or build out their marketing assets. 

The other type of client is more focused on tech: they want to tie together their website, ecommerce platform, CRM, and analytics. Or they want to create something customized for their team or internal systems.

For small to medium-sized businesses, keeping up with the ever-changing digtal marketing strategies, systems and trends is challenging when relying on yourself or someone from your team. Usually these clients are already extremely busy keeping up with their businesses and what they do best, leaving little time to figure out technical platforms at the end of the day. At their business size, it’s not realistic to have a full time, in-house designer or developer. But they still need the support fairly regularly.

This is where working with Tech Diva Media can be useful. Contracting with us, smaller companies can execute marketing campaigns and utilize the best marketing strategies and technologies. This allows entrepreneurs and their in-house teams to focus on running the business.

In addition, when you work with us, you get to add professional designers and developers to your team to help you look bigger and perform with a cutting edge against your competitors.

How We Do It

We’re nimble, flexible and personable.


We start with connection and learn how our skills & talents could be helpful to your peace of mind and bottom line.

Analyze & Understand

You have a wealth of knowledge and experience; we want to understand where we can help you optimize strengths and mitigate challenges.

Touch Points & User Experience

We review all of the touch points prospects and clients have with your brand. How do your customers actually interact with your brand verses how you hope they do?


People come to buy or work with you for a reason. What’s your biggest differentiator, in the minds of your customer? Do you want to improve or adapt that?


We can always be tweaking. From your customer journey to your sales funnel to your user flow on your website, what improvements could most impact your bottom line?


When we’ve optimized your marketing and digital systems, where could we scale productivity, market exposure or lead conversions?

Why It Works

When you have the experience of working personally with a design & development team that understands the digital systems that support doing business in today’s world, you’re not left in the dark. You can see what’s working, you can understand what improvements can be made and you have someone you can speak to about it whenever you have a question.

There are endless options to choose for support with your marketing or tech –– but if you’re looking for a personalized working relationship with people you can have fun growing your ideas with, you’ll see and know your return on investment (ROI) here.

Project Samples

Let’s take a brief walkthrough of some projects so you can see our flexibility working with client needs.